World Remembers America 9/11, After 17years.

On this day  Tuesday September 11, 2001, by 8.46am to 10. 28am (EDT), what looks like a James Bond Film took place in America known as 9/11. A well coordinated terrorist attacks by Islamic terror group Al-Qaeda attacked America.
The two plane crashed into the the north and south tower of the World Trade Center. Both building which are 110 and 42 Storey collapsed after 1hr 42 mins, trapping many who are trying to escape including firefighters on the building.

It was estimated that more than 3,000 lives were lost and over 6,000 people were injured. I watched it live as the planes by what is today controversial ran into the World Trade Center. It was believed to be carried out by Terrorist who hijacked about four planes separately and designated where to strike.
They targeted  the Pentagon building which is America department of Defense, were minimal damage occurred as it crashed to the frontal of the building. The other target was the Whitehouse but  failed as they were stopped by the Passengers on board.
They crashed near a field in Pennsylvania killing all passengers. It was estimated that the infrastructural and prosperity damage was about $10 billions.
May the souls of the departed continue to rest in peace.
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