Kwakwanso Barred From Using Eagles Square Abuja To Declare His Presidential Ambition, Poltical, Victimisation Or For Security Purpose?

What a coincidence, British Prime Minister Theresa May arriving Abuja Today. Kwakwanso had paid and got receipts to declare his Presidential ambition Today at Eagles 🦅 Square Abuja. In my view if the sealing off of the purported arena was done for security reasons considering the August visitor, or are they afraid 😟 of his popularity? I will see it as necessary for security reason because the place will be rowdy and the security of the visiting Theresa May should be paramount. I would not see it as Victimisation or Political gagging of the PDP Presidential Aspirant. But if it turned out that the ruling party are afraid of him, then it becomes intimidation and Victimisation. We should be logical here and think like humans. Kwakwanso to me would have shifted his declaration date when no visiting head of any country is not coming to Nigeria 🇳🇬. If then he was disallowed Nigeria 🇳🇬 will then know that we in a military government and that our democracy is only on paper 📝. And in my view if the Eagles 🦅 Square is reserved only for APC who are the ruling party, is unjust and a pointer to believe Nigeria 🇳🇬 has no rule of law and equity. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander. In as much as a citizen of Nigeria 🇳🇬 I don’t know the reasons given by the police 👮‍♀️ for cordoning off the Eagles 🦅 Square in Abuja but is really good we present our capital city Abuja in good light 💡 to our Visiting Prime Minister. God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬.
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  1. Exactly. I do feel the action of government is in order as the visit of Theresa May coincides with Kwankwaso's rally. He should rather shift the date, if he is refused then, we then infer that the government is gagging the opposition.