Historic Handshake, President Donald Trump Meets Kim Jong Un At Korean Summit In Singapore.

History was made today as for the first time an American President extended hands of friendship to North Korea. President Trump met Kin Jong Un in Singapore in what many had thought will not materialise. Some months back the two had held the world in awe as a possible world war was been speculated. Both were throwing insults on each other resulting to Trump calling Kim a Puppy and Rocket Man while Kim called him an In balanced and Unstable man.

Last month Trump went all out to cancel their meeting and world leaders condemned his action. But like all Trump does it all changed in Singapore where they met at the Korean Summit. Kim Jong Un was full of smiles to the cameras. They met with President Trump giving him a thumbs up with a handshake of friendship the world will not forget in a hurry.

Trump called him Worthy, very smart negotiator. And said Kim loves his people and he is negotiating on their behalf. They signed an agreement in what many believes will favor both parties.

On answering questions from the media,Trump said peace is better than war, saying multitudes of innocent people will die in South Korea if war breaks out between them. He also spoke on demilitarizing the southern penisula. Trump said he will be inviting Kim Jong Un to the White House. Trump also said that North Korea denuclearization will start very quickly citing that is going to be a long process which could take years. While Kim Jong Un said the World will see a major Change. May the world live in peace and let no party think he is in a better position to keep Nuclear weapons than the other.
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