The quest for greener pastures had left a sour taste on the mouth of Nigerian Returnees from Libya. According to News Agency of Nigeria {NAN} many of them were jobless while those who hoped to cross to Europe through the meditarreania seas was futile.
The Returnees are appealing to the APC led government under President Buhari to create enabling environment for job creation for teaming Nigerian youths who after graduation go for job searching for years with no hope of securing any. This situation has led to many youths facing life or death in search of greener pastures abroad.

NAN reported that 161 Nigerians came back from Libya on their own without any coercion, through the help of International Organisation for Migration {IOM} after spending months in detention camps in Libya.
In showing their happiness to have reached their fatherland Nigeria, the Returnees were singing praises to God for bringing them home safe even though with mixed feelings of how to start from the scratch again. One Miss Bridget Akeamo from Anambra state narrated how her parents supported her going to Italy as she could not get a job or admission to tertiary institution. She is home with 4months pregnancy due to inhuman treatment from one prison to another in Libya. Most of the young ladies in detention camps were alledged to have been raped by Libya officials who will not take NO for an answer from these helpless young ladies who do not want to face torture for their refusal to give the officials their body free.
Many of the Returnees were tricked by trafficars of being taken to Europe but ended up abandoned in Libya. They said Nigerians should be discouraged from travelling to Libya because of the inhuman treatment metted on them.
So sad that some of the ladies with kids does not know who the fathers of these kids as a result of Libyan Immigration Officials rapes said one of the Returnees to NAN.
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