Bill Cosby 80yrs, Found Guilty In All Three Count Charge of Sexual Assault.

Forty Women accused Bill Cosby of Sexual harassment and assault. But one Stood out to fight till finish as the 39 refused to pursue the case. She is Andrea Constrand who claimed her drinks were drugged and Bill the sexually assaulted her. It took her a year to report to the police in what the defense saw as a lady after Bills money. Bill claims they were friends and she visited his home severally after the said incident. Her parents also visited and even brought gifts to Bill. He is expected to get at least 10yrs jail sentence or even 30yrs sentence depending on how the judge wants it. The point here is, Women are always the weapon used to bring down any High positioned man in the World. Remember the French man and one-time managing Director of IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn. He was tipped to be going for an election in France under Socialist party, but just a cleaner in a hotel caused him his Political ambition. I also can vividly remember the case of Mike Tyson and the girl who took part in a beauty pageant Desiree Washington who even boasted that she wants to be rich and famous and all she needed was to get Tyson and this ruined his career as a boxer. Beware guys! Be Contented with what you have. This is #Andrea Constrand.
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