Suya seller caught before he could slaughter a four year old girl.

The outgoing Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Mr. Fatai Owoseni confirmed the arrest of a roasted meat seller popularly known as suya who allegedly attempted to slaughter a four year old girl perhaps for Suya or ritual purposes.

Eyewitness report gave that the little girl was playing with her mates in an open playing ground around White sand, Ebute Meta when Abdulahi allegedly abducted her to a hidden area where he attempted to slaughter her.

Passersby however saw the criminal trying to murder the four year old and raised the alarm which led to the child’s rescue. Trying to resist arrest, the hoodlum however attacked some of the rescuers, stabbing one person and biting another.

Owoseni told reporters on Wednesday that, “The suspect was subsequently handed over to the Police at Denton Police Station, Oyingbo. Police investigation revealed that the suspect had abducted the little girl from where she was playing with her friends with the sole intention of slaughtering her. It is a clear case of kidnap and attempted murder.”

In recent weeks, Lagos State had witnessed worrisome cases of cult activities, murder, attempted murder, ritualists and domestic violence. The Police have however been working tirelessly to rid the metropolis of heinous crimes capable of jeopardising the security of the state and scaring investors.

Lagos State is home to over 20million people and it is the commercial nerve centre of the country where huge business transactions take place by the seconds. This status is responsible for continuous movement of persons into the city from across Nigeria and beyond who seek greener pasture in one of the world’s most populous cities.

The population explosion in Lagos State is also responsible for numerous crimes being perpetrated. However, the state government has continued to work round the clock to improve infrastructure and beef up security in every corner of the metropolis.

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