It is not news anymore that Nigeria and her President made history in a Quiz and Trivia Mockery courtesy America Television News Network, CNN, The GPS Challenge anchored by Fareed Zakaria. The anchorman at the end of his show asked a question in what appears to be a mockery, [Which head of state from which country has not set foot in his homeland for two months? In the answer options we have, Cuba, Syria, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. Fareed after a short break came back to tick the option c which is Nigeria.
This development came after some APC stalwarts and governors including some governors from the governors forum went to London to see the ailing President Buhari.
Nigerians promptly reacted to this sheer mockery by CNN, the former Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission [NHRC], Chidi Odinkalu went on social media to ask for Nigerians  say on the issue [What do you say Nigeria? Type your comments please]. Quickly reactions started pouring in, one contributor said Nigeria is not practicing democracy. Some saw it as a shame and mockery on Nigeria and is really sad. Another said we have no Senate and that very soon they will embark on a two months’ vacation and this will enable the president the time and opportunity tp return back to the country to be pretending to be Nigeria president. One man said Nigeria is now a laughing stock and a joke in the committee of nations. A fan of Fareed said he is utterly disappointed in him for trivializing such a serious issue.
In the face of the circumstance which Nigeria finds itself, the handlers of Mr President are expected to condemn this mockery or joke taken too far. Nigeria constitution stipulates that the President cannot be away from office for 90days and he is still covered by it. All well meaning patriot of our country should unequivocally condemn this tantrum thrown to us in our time of despair. 

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