Black Thursday as Arondizuogu and the entire Igbo land received with shock the passing away of an illustrious son Ichie Mazi Okoye Nwankwo alias PERICOMA. Being a debt owed by every living soul, Pericoma of Arondizuogu bows out to join the ancestors early morning of yesterday in a private hospital in the eastern part of Nigeria.
Pericoma was a LEGEND, AN ENIGMA whose Traditional Cultural music spans for many years. His music will live forever in the memories of all sons and daughters of Arondizuogu and the entire Igbo land as well as the world.
The life of this cultural music icon, through his philosophical teaching will not be forgotten so soon in the history of umu Arondizuogu and the world. His death signifies that Arondizuogu has lost part of her name as his name is synonymous to Pericoma.
He was regarded as a Cultural Prime Minister due to his master class art of Cultural music of IZUOGU na IHEME. Pericoma demise is a great loss to the entire Igbo land and ARO KINGDOM which is regarded as where true culture emanates.

Pericoma died for what he believed in, which is holding tenaciously the culture and tradition in the life of Aro people. He gave his very best to this cause to the entire Igbo land. Chris Okoro {Signor} one of the illustrious son of Arondizuogu said “The story of his life cannot be separated from culture” as Pericoma illuminates anywhere he goes to in his life time.
The Arondizuogu called him, OTU ONYE ANASI, NNO NU, meaning one person who is greeted as a group. He meant different thing to many people and to the ones that knows him, he is jovial, down to earth and quiete amiable as he interacts with the high and low around him. The only way to describe Pericoma  is a LEGEND. He was creative as he single handedly Revolutionized tradition through music that the annual IKEJI FESTIVAL which the ARONDIZUOGU is known for, became a carnival and tourist attraction to even Non Aros and sons and daughters of Aro in Diaspora.
Pericoma created jobs to our unemployed youths through his cultural music and the awareness in having many masquerades for Ikeji festival. This also opened the eyes of our neighbouring villages to copy our festival. He showed the world how accommodating and peace loving Aro people can be in preserving of our cultural heritage.
Tributes are pouring in for this great Iroko Ichie Mezuo Pericoma. He is called Arusi Makaja 1 of Igbo land, An Icon, A Legend and a great ledger of our traditional masquerade cum cultural music. Coma brought Aros together in one cultural music as he puts smiles on our faces with his eloquent words of wisdom through music. He is called king of masquerade, one man squad due to the recognition he gave to all Arondizuogu through his sweet musical rendition.
The question on our lips is, who will wear his BIG SHOE as his legacy is huge. Such mortals often comes once in a life time. The cultural and historical awakening in Igbo land, Africa and the world has no comparism.
We mourn an enigma, traditional high priest, prime minister, Nyikiriputu, Arusi Makaja. But one thing stands clear, Pericoma lives on, in the heart of all Aros whom he gave his all. According to his request, Coma was yesterday committed to mother earth. Adieu Nnam Ochie PERICOMA. We commiserate with HRH Prof Green Nwankwo and his immediate family. Ndo nu o. Rest  in perfect peace ICHIE MEZUO PERICOMA OKOYE NWANKWO ARUSI MAKAJA OF ARONDIZUOGU.

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