RE --GOD WILL GIVE PDP 2ND CHANCE COME 2019 --- Bode George.

That the former deputy chairman of the People Democratic Party {PDP}, Chief Bode George said the above is not in question. What is baffling is the audacity? It only makes me to ask can God be MOCKED. Are Nigerians that gullible to want PDP back in 2019? The 16years ruling of PDP have left us in ruins. The fake governance of sharing money with no reserve? The era of impunity and imposition of candidates in election. PDP made election to be a profit making venture in Nigeria.
Politics became do or die in Nigeria due to the winner takes it all. During PDP our nation witnessed many high profile assassinations and bloodletting. As was alleged, insurgency was an off shot of PDP, as accusing fingers were suggestive of some elites and politicians using these men as thugs thereby remunerating them, but no sooner they secure their political ambition, they were abandoned.
George said Action Congress Party {APC}, has performed woefully in 1year of governance as he received the South-west Zonal executives led by Eddy Olafeso, who paid him a working visit at his Ikoyi office in Lagos. He said Nigerians has seen the two sides of the coin and can be the best to choose which is best. He said the President lacks the capacity to put smiles on the faces of Nigerians.
Have we really seen two sides of the coin? I can say NO. In a very serious minded nation, people like Chief George should be regarded as persona non grata for he and his cohorts in PDP, laid the foundation to this present woes.
The present war against corruption has exposed PDP as the most wicked and evil party in the whole of Africa. I think for once, PDP should hide their face in shame while their remaining members are scampering to find a space in APC to avoid prosecution
What is best for PDP now, is to seek for realignment with smaller parties with entirely new logo because the word PDP stinks to high level. The only thing that is giving them the little aroma they still have are their members in the legislative houses, which take advantage of their colleagues in APC to sustain what looks like image of PDP.
For the record, there is NO two faces of the coin for all we have today is two coin with one face.
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