Today 8th of November 2016, the whole world comes to a standstill as the most populous nation in the universe USA goes to the polls to elect their 45th PRESIDENT, who will either be a 1st Woman or an entirely new person who was not given a chance.
America decides front runners for the Oval Office are, one time former secretary of state HILLARY R. CLINTON a Democrat and wife of a former president BILL CLINTON and a billionaire business, a son of an economic Scottish immigrant DONALD TRUMP a Republican, noted for beauty pageants etc.
Hillary with 30yrs experience in public service in America, have been marred by her opening of a private email account as secretary of state , which the FBI have looked into and cleared her of any criminal offence in July 2016. The Clinton foundation also is viewed as a conduit pipe where illicit funds from Arab countries comes to her to run for the election.
Trump with no experience is mashed, with his various tax evasions, his bankruptcy which many viewed as deliberate and thereby labelling him a CON businessman, his utterances regarding women was so demeaning, rape charge, 12 women coming out to say he touched them inappropriately etc. Many see Trump as divisive, racist in his campaigns, he is seen as a chauvinist considering calling Hillary Nasty woman, and calling an ex-beauty queen Piggy etc. all these name callings on Mexicans, Muslims negates core American values.
Both candidates feels they have what it takes to move America to the next level. The world being caught up with the American election, has made their various newspaper headlines to depict what is happening in USA. It goes from, ITALY, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, RUSSIA, NIGERIA, GHANA, KENYA, CANADA, MEXICO ETC. all checking out the polls and on each candidates.
As they wrapped up their campaign last night, each headed home, Hillary and Trump landed at New York Airport. Hillary turned her home coming to carnival as supporters waved and cheered amidst clicking of cameras and video shooting. Your humble watched it live on CNN and it was a sight to behold.
Today’s election in America, is not just the presidency but also the senate and House of Representatives. They are 34 senate seats and 435 house seats. The Republican holds 54—46 advantage in senate so Democrats needs 5 seats to get 51 for a senate majority. If they end 50—50 the new vice president will give his party a majority.
In American election the stocks are also responding, with a Hillary wins, S&P will be up 500 by 2% but if Trump wins, US stock will drop by 8% and Citigroup also predicts 5% drop if Trump wins.
Animals are not left out in this year American election, we have the FISH VS GOAT Forecasts and side taking. In India, Chanakya the fish swarm to TRUMP picture thereby supporting the republican nominee. While in Scotland, Boots the goat has tipped HILLARY to win in a video that has gone viral. The goat owner claimed his predictions in the past is accurate.

In sum, the 2016 USA election has been the most polarised and divisive in history and who ever wins today will have an uphill task of unifying America again. The whole world are also watching if the looser will concede to defeat and tow a honourable part? GOD BLESS AMERICA AND NIGERIA.
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