The oldest profession in mankind history is Prostitution. Despite outrage and condemnation all over the world, some country have gone ahead to formally or informally legalized it. Many reasons has been given why this profession strives. It ranges from poverty and some unforeseen circumstances. There were outright ban in some countries while in others, some form of regulations, ranging from giving sex workers health and social benefits were put into their laws.                                                                                                                                     In countries like New Zealand, in 2003 some brothels were licensed under public health and employment laws. The sex workers gets social benefits like any other employees.       Australia, their legal status differs from state to state, which means is legal in some state and illegal in others.                               In Austria is legal and all prostitute must register and undergo periodic health checks. Here once you are 19 years old, you must pay taxes. in Austria forced prostitution strives.                                                                                                                             Bangladesh forbids male prostitution, pimping but you can owe brothel. Minor trafficking is the order of the day in Bangladesh.                                                           Belgium run proper state owned brothels. Here they use finger print technology and keycards so as to remove fear, violence and stigma associated with prostitution.               Brazil legalized it with checks on their activities.                                                               Canada only legalized self prostituting but buying sex is illegal since 2014.                         In Colombia is legal to work as a sex worker but pimping banned.                                         Denmark, prostitution is legal. The government help people with disabilities to get laid by incurring the extra cost some of them have to pay.                                                 Ecuador allows all forms of sex works. Here you can sell your body, have brothel and pimp with no legal action against you but they shun forced prostitution.                           France legalizes prostitution but banned soliciting in public. Since 1946 France have banned pimping and owing of brothel.                                                                                             In Germany prostitution have been approved since 1927. State run brothels and proper health insurance is given while you must pay taxes. Sex workers in Germany receives social benefits like pension.                                                                                                 Greece regards prostitution as a proper job. Sex workers gets equal rights like counterparts in offices. They go for health checks.                                                                   Indonesia has no law for or against prostitution. is very much legal to be in the sex industry. This poses danger as forced sex thrives in minors.                                         Finally we have the Netherlands where this oldest trade is legal and very open to the way and manner the trade strives in the Netherlands. In sum up this oldest trade known to man has come to stay.
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